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In belief of the importance of developing boys and girls, the Scouting movement was founded over 100 years ago in The United Kingdom (UK). Through scouting, boys and girls are prepared to play constructive roles in their societies by investing in their physical, mental and spiritual development. Around 40 million members in over 200 countries make scouting one of the most popular movements in the world.

Egyptian scouting started in 1914, and now have over 150 000 members all over Egypt. Activities include community service (cleaning beaches, helping orphans, medical assistance, cultural awareness, linguistic programs...), sports (all kinds including water sports), outdoor activities (camping, hiking, climbing...) and education.

Misr Baladna Scout Group is part of Misr Baladna (NGO) and Giza Sea Scouts. It was founded by Sea Scouts Leaders with individual efforts, aimed at developing youngsters from early age. We work on serving our society through scouting principals in close cooperation with the scout associations specially the Giza Sea Scout Association and the AFS.



Since 1999, the Giza Sea Scout Association and Misr Baladna has been offering the Egyptian youth a chance to experience interaction with the international youth of their age, by participating in international scout camps in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. As well, visiting scout troops after the camp has been very attractive to allow the scouts to know other cultures and see other places, which enhances their experience and builds their self-confidence and independence.

Successful trips have spurred us forward to continue further. This year we have two proposed trips in the summer, in which boys and girls who are active in our programs and are willing to travel may get the chance to do so. There will be separate arrangements and interviews when the time comes.

In addition to its annual summer trip, Misr Baladna has regular scout meetings for each age group and organizes trips inside Egypt to allow them to discover their country. Specific programs are also implemented in some schools; the most significant of them are listed below:

  • Manor House Language Schools
  • Dar El Tarbiah Language Schools
  • Dover American International School
  • Misr Language Schools (MLS)
  • Al Bashaer International School
  • Rajak
  • The Egyptian British International School (EBIS)
  • Brilliance International Schools
  • Green Heights International School
  • Heritage International School
  • Canadian International School of Egypt (CISE)
  • New Horizon International School
  • Al Alsson School

In some cases we have full cooperation with schools in preparing programs that are fit for the school and students through providing trainers as well as attractive activities. Our programs are flexible, and can be performed inside the school or outside in agreed upon venues. The programs vary from weekly (or bi-weekly) activities to 1 or more day trips in Cairo and all over Egypt. We hope we to offer the students a full view of what scouting is all about.

We attend a lot of events held inside the above stated schools and highest ranked Egyptian clubs in order to spread the spirit of the scouting inside these organizations to attract the students to live this experience and join our activities.


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